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As a technical support company within the IT industry, we understand how a stable network is a key to any successful business. That’s why we at pcs have developed and worked with many companies to find a way to best help and provide for you the customer. 


To make sure that everything is done in a correct and professional manner we have planned out the way we do things. To make sure there is no confusion between our selves and you the customer. This brings you a better overall planned and well thought out process that will then be developed into what you asked for. And not something that is completely different.


We will go through many different ideas, Concepts and draw ups of what you want so we can make sure its perfect for your business.


We will develop a concept that you have chosen and walk through what we have before implementing it.


Now you understand what we have. We will implement that into your system. Or implement our own system to run or manage that desired product.

our expertise


We have typically found that most of the issues that you may have can be dealt with in a quick and easy manner over remote support.

Further assistance

We normally notice that if more assistance is required to fix the issue. This can normally lead back to things such as hardware issues. The malicious material on the system its self.

Hardware failure

we have a variety of second user machines that are all like brand new and will easily get through 3-4 years of hard use. These machines are like brand new and can easily do what you need them for.

companies we've worked with

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