Remote support

Using Team viewer we are able to give quick and instant support on any issue that you have. We can start to go through different things breaking down what the issue could be.

Easy to use

All you need to do is install teamviewer, Read your id out to us and boom we can start to help you fix the issue.

follow client payments

Everything we do is affordable and not to break the bank. It is quick and easy.


If you're looking for some support make sure you give us a quick call so we can diagnose your problem and go from there on fixing it.

Good quality of service

We will go through everything and give the computer a good clean up to make sure we diagnose every issue it could be.

Our clients say

"My computer was running slow, Unbearable and impossible to do work on. I gave PCS a call and they where on my computer within minutes fixing the issue. So cheap and so quick!"
Hall Read
"Computer was loading programs slowly and seemed to be broken. they connected to the computer and straight away found out it was just the drivers being out dated. Fixed it within half an hour!"
Hilary Leigh
"As a designer I need my computer to do all of my work. To well design and develop things. My computer wasn't opening the software that I needed and PCS got on with it and fixed it straight away."
Quintin Angus
"I require my laptop for saving editing, and creating photos for my work. My computer wouldn't detect my camera and I was unable to transfer any data from it. PCS fixed the issue quickly and cheaply very happy with the experience. "
Jillie Tempest
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