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IT Support

PCS deal with business technical support that is affordable and costs effective. From one business to another we will support your organisation in going down the best route that fits and suits you. We understand the hassle that issues can cause. Even if that’s from starting fresh and building a system that fits your criteria. We PCS will always give it 100% to ensure that the job is done correctly and to a high standard. We are located in Southampton and operate around Hampshire and wilshire.

Our main focus is to look after our customers and provide good customer support for new and already existing customers. We manage systems, hardware and any other kind of IT related areas. Our job is to make sure that you as a business can carry on running while we deal with the issues for you.

Whether you’re a new company looking for systems to put in place or a company with already existing IT Staff and a pre-existing infrastructure. We will give our professional opinion on the matter that will determine how we can best help and work around you. As a company that deals with IT support we will do larger jobs from installing servers to just general IT support that will allow us to remote connect to computers and analyse a problem.

Whatever you require we will offer you support that is tailored for your company. We will always try and meet your needs no matter the issue. 

Our support

We provide different layers of support from telephone, Remote access or even us popping down and taking a look at the system its self.

 All requests are dealt with in a professional manner that least affects you as a business and give the most insurance that your data, system and infrastructure will not be affect in a major way. Using secure and encrypted connections we will remotely connect to a system and give our opinion and way around fixing the issue. 

General Questions


Are aim is to make everything affordable so that you get the best deals and most reliable products for the prices you pay.


Everything that we store or save regarding your company is saved in a secure and safe location. No more worrying that your data isn’t secure!

Ask us anything

You have a question about our company? or you want a rough idea of what we’re capable of just give us a ring


We are always checking our emails, Have a question or a enquire just drop up a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Our experts

IT Apprentice

Just finished a level 3 diploma in IT and is currently working on another apprenticeship diploma learning. How to develop and design systems

Jack Pond


Runs and manages PCS he’s in charge of everything.  A general guru with anything IT related. Setting up many servers and systems. 

Miles ware

“A computer will do what you tell it to do, But that may be much different from what you had in mind.”

Where are we based?

As a company on the rise, we have a small office located below

Unit 6, Ash Hill Common, Bunny Lane, Sheffield English, SO51 6FU

About us

We are a small Affordable Compute solutions company that aims to make things more affordable for smaller and larger company. 

Our mission

Our mission is to make everything easier for larger and smaller companies to ensure that our quality of work is always 100% 

Our promise

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • A good quality of service is provided
  • You're left with a smile on your face
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