A professional IT support Provider.

We offer support for small, Medium and even large businesses across Southampton and Hampshire. Our team offers a wide range of support from technical to remote.


Computers are used on a day to day basis all over the world. Its important within a company or home environment that these computers are kept up to date and with all the latest protection software.


Infrastructure and planning is a key part within any small large, residential or general build of a network or system. Without planning or infrastructure problems will start to appear and without planning to be a huge problem​


Servers are the brains of any company. They deal and process all data and traffic. If this isn't well maintained or looked after. You could see possible threats appear and deserters that will cost a substantial amount to repair.

Some of our main areas

Remote support

Remote support is an easy way for us to give you quick and effective support to analyze an issue on your computer. It can even allow us to fix the issue you’re having over the phone and web. All it requires is a quick call and we’ll be on our way to fixing your issue! 


We deal with a wide angle of issues on a day to day basis. We have a wide knowledge and understanding of some of the things that you made require help with. We will always give it our best to give you the customer. The best experience possible.

Contacting us

Have an enquire or just want to talk. Feel free to give us a ring or drop an email. We are always happy to give support and give a hand where we can. 

What Our Custumers say

Since being with PCS I haven't seen or had any problems. They're amazing!


They really do take care about their customers. Always understanding and trying to make a difference. Couldn't ask for a better team managing my servers.


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